Environmental Protection, Department of

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The Department is responsible for monitoring and conserving the State's natural resources. It manages the State's forests, parks, recreation areas, and historic resources. It also ensures environmentally responsible waste management and oversees the cleanup of contaminated sites.

The Department was established on "Earth Day", April 22, 1970, replacing the Department of Conservation and Economic Development. In 1991, it became the Department of Environmental Protection and Energy after assuming energy responsibilities from the Department of Commerce, Energy, and Economic Development, which was renamed the Department of Commerce and Economic Development. This reorganization plan also saw the Board of Public Utilities be renamed the Board of Regulatory Commissioners and moved from Treasury to Environmental Protection and Energy. A reorganization plan in 1994 would reverse this, with the Board of Public Utilities resuming its former name and position within Treasury and assuming energy responsibilities. The Department of Environmental Protection resumed its name at this time.

Authorizing law(s) and reorganization plans: Chapter 33 of the Laws of 1970; Plan 001-1994.


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