Conservation and Economic Development (1948-1970)

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Conservation and Economic Development (1948-1970)


In 1944 a number of programs that had been operating independently were merged. These seven agencies (State Planning Board, State Housing Authority, New Jersey Council, South Jersey Transit Commission, Port Raritan District Commission, State Service Officer, and Municipal Aid Administration) were merged to form the Department of Economic Development. In 1945 eleven agencies were merged to form the Department of Conservation (Board of Fish and Game Commissioners, Board of Shell Fisheries, Department of Conservation and Development, Commission on Historic Sites, Commissioners of High Point Park, Grover Cleveland Birth-Place Association, New Jersey Veterans of All Wars Memorial Association, Commissioners of Edison Park, State Water Policy Commission, Passaic Valley Flood Control Commission, Department of Commerce and Navigation. In 1948 these Departments and the Department of Aviation were merged to form the Department of Conservation and Economic Development.

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