A Multi-Metric Site Evaluation Tool for Restoration of New Jersey’s Tidally Influenced Wetlands.



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Trenton, N.J. : Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Science and Research


Wetland restoration is a complex science that attempts to facilitate positive changes in ecologic function via changes in integrated physical and biologic structure. Although wetland ecology is driven by a suite of interactive factors, frequently, a single parameter or metric is used to determine the restoration goals and measures of a project. Additionally, restoration and/or mitigation targets may be set and evaluated without a complete understanding of appropriate reference conditions the project is proposing to duplicate. As interest in adaptive restoration (focusing on resilience to sea level rise and storm impacts) grows, it is vital to provide information to correctly characterize baseline and changing conditions of the wetland being manipulated relative to a natural or reference condition for greater resilience. Precise evaluation of condition, function, and structure will allow for greater refinement in project design, effective monitoring plan development, and adaptive management strategies to achieve the target goals and objectives. The goals of this effort were to: 1) fill gaps in tidal wetland reference data in New Jersey, and 2) increase the accessibility of monitoring data to the public. This was accomplished by: 1) developing the NJ Reference Wetland Tool database; 2) filling data gaps on tidal wetland hydrology and water quality; 3) adding a long-term monitoring site in the Raritan River; and 4) developing tools that will assist standardized data collection in the future.



New Jersey, Wetlands



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