School Bus In-Cabin Particulate Matter Quantification and Reduction Strategies and Associated Risk Assessment: Research Project Summary



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Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Science


Public Law 2005, c.219was signed on Sept 7, 2005. This law was intended to reduce fine particle emissions from diesel mobile sources in New Jersey. The law required the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to conduct a project to (1) evaluate the relative contribution of emissions from both the crankcase and the tailpipe to in-cabin levels of fine particles in school buses; and (2) evaluate the feasibility of requiring, and the environmental and health benefits of, the reduction of fine particle levels from school bus tailpipe emissions through the use of additional retrofit devices. The monitoring study was carried out by Rowan University (Martinez-Morett D., et al., 2009) and overseen by the NJDEP Division of Science, Research and Technology (DSRT).



New Jersey, Air quality management