Participant 039 Community Conversations Interview



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Trenton, N.J.: New Jersey State Library



In this interview, Participant 39 discusses the challenges of unemployment and giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The participant says labor was a lonely experience because no one was allowed in the hospital with them. They explain that ocial isolation and not being able to go outside after giving birth were very difficult for the participant. Participant 37 wishes there was more access to transportation during the pandemic.


Mercer Co. (N.J.), New Jersey, COVID-19 Pandemic, Recommendations, Acts of Kindness, Secondary Suffering and Trauma, Access to Care, COVID-19 Health Behaviors, Social Disconnect - Social Isolation and Loneliness, Self-Care Strategies, Vaccine for COVID-19, Challenges with Remote Schooling_Virtual Learning for Children, Maternal Health, Mode of Transportation, Loss of Job or Business