Determination of Organic Compound Classes Using Research and Regulatory Analytical Techniques for the Demonstration Project: Public Water Systems (PWS) Groundwater Investigation at Merchantville/Pennsauken and Fair Lawn Water Treatment Facilities



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Trenton, N.J. : Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Science and Research, and Environmental Health


The objectives of this study were to; (1) Investigate how three different commercially available granular activated carbon media influenced the removal of synthetic organic compounds and natural (macromolecular) materials. (2) Identify adsorbent characteristics between these three carbon types that optimize the uptake of SOCs and NOMs, potentially demonstrating a full range of compound class coverage. (3) Provide the purveyors of these facilities with an assessment of the efficiency of GAC as a barrier technology for removal of a broad spectrum of trace organic contaminants and assess the potential life span of the filtration media.



New Jersey, Drinking water - Contamination, Drinking water - Analysis, Drinking water - Organic compound content, Drinking water - Purification