Participant 554 Community Conversations Interview



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Trenton, N.J.: New Jersey State Library



In this interview, Participant 554 and their partner share challenges they have faced with isolation and taking care of a newborn during the COVID-19 pandemic. The participant and their partner express their fear they will never be able to get past the coronavirus, but describe how a community organization helped them learn to parent a new baby during the pandemic.


Social and Economic Factors, Employment, COVID-19 Health Behaviors, Relationships, Unpredictability, Challenges with Remote Schooling_Virtual Learning for Children, Education, Financial_Economic (In)stability, Social Disconnect - Social Isolation and Loneliness, Positive Outlook, Maternal Health, Perceptions from residents and societal views_ responses, Loss of Job or Business, Negative Mental Health Outcomes, Access to Care, Infant_Child Health, Resources Needed, Social Re-Connect, Self-Care Strategies, Acts of Kindness, Vaccine for COVID-19, Clinical Care, Secondary Suffering and Trauma, Transit, Social Pods, Digital Divide, Factors Impacting the Digital Divide, Salem Co. (N.J.), New Jersey, COVID-19 Pandemic