Version Upgrade, Expansion, and Improvement of Modern Bayesian SpatioTemporal Geostatistics Code for ArcGIS Users



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Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


The upgraded BMEGUI, version 3.0, allows users to transparently run the BME programs without having to learn any additional programming language and complexities of tedious mathematical formulations. This upgraded BMEGUI provides an easy-to-use interface with improved internal error handling, with automatic covariance parameter selection, and with expanded types of data types supported, and with the incorporation of a river network distances that substantially improved the previous version of BMEGUI. The input to the upgraded BMEGUI includes environmental monitoring data and river networks that users can obtain from DEP databases. The output will be BME estimated maps showing the spatial distribution of environmental parameters for any time of interest. The upgraded BMEGUI has been delivered to NJDEP with a fully updated user’s manual.



New Jersey, Geographic information systems