Participant 577 Community Conversations Written Interview



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Trenton, N.J.: New Jersey State Library



In this written interview, Participant 577 expresses feelings of fear and sadness since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The participant shares that language barriers and inexperience with technology prevented them from accessing many online resources. The participant states that the immigrant and undocumented population were left out of the COVID-19 response and suffered the most.


Social and Economic Factors, COVID-19 Health Behaviors, Undocumented Individuals, Those Left out of Virus Response, Negative Mental Health Outcomes, Resources Needed, View of NJ Government's Response to the Pandemic, Lack of Financial Means to Support Basic Needs, Religion or Spirituality, Secondary Suffering and Trauma, Digital Divide, Unpredictability, Food Insecurity, Acts of Kindness, Factors Impacting the Digital Divide, Employment, Housing Insecurity_Instability, Language as a Barrier, Low Income Communities, Low Income Individuals, Financial_Economic (In)stability, Loss of Job or Business, Social Disconnect - Social Isolation and Loneliness, Vaccine for COVID-19, Essex Co. (N.J.), New Jersey, COVID-19 Pandemic