Participant 584 Community Conversations Interview



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Trenton, N.J.: New Jersey State Library



In this interview, Participant 584 shares their experience as the Commissioner of the Department of Health for the state of New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic. They discuss steps that were taken to control transmission of the virus in the state, including giving hospitals more autonomy to increase beds, setting up testing sites, increasing resources at local health departments, and enhancing contract tracing capabilities. The participant talks about the resilience of their department in working around the clock to support New Jersey residents. They share that public health is everyone's responsibility, and discusses the challenges their team experienced in containing the virus.


COVID-19 Health Behaviors, Social and Economic Factors, Resilience, Acts of Kindness, Positive Outlook, Employment, Vaccine for COVID-19, Homeless Individuals, Communities of Color_Minoritized Individuals, View of NJ Government's Response to the Pandemic, Unpredictability, Those Left out of Virus Response, View of the Federal Government's Response (in 2020), Noteworthy Quotes for Report or Presentation, Negative Mental Health Outcomes, Clinical Care, Recommendations, Resources Needed, Secondary Suffering and Trauma, Financial_Economic (In)stability, Housing Insecurity_Instability, Loss of Job or Business, Mercer Co. (N.J.), New Jersey, COVID-19 Pandemic