Participant 018 and 019 Community Conversations Interview



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Trenton, N.J.: New Jersey State Library



In this group interview with Participants 18 and 19, a parent and child share their perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has disrupted work and school life. The transition to virtual learning has been a difficult one for both participants, and working at a hospital has led to a busier schedule as well as fears of contracting or spreading COVID-19. There is concern over the lack of social stimulation the child is getting during the pandemic, and the impact on their emotional wellbeing. The participants feel frustration over how the federal government has handled the pandemic, and felt that politicization during COVID-19 has been disappointing. Yet, the participants found happiness in summer camp, and spending more time together as a family.


Positive Outlook, COVID-19 Health Behaviors, Social Pods, Social Re-Connect, View of NJ Government's Response to the Pandemic, Unpredictability, Social and Economic Factors, View of the Federal Government's Response (in 2020), Children, Social Disconnect - Social Isolation and Loneliness, Recommendations, Education, Perceptions from residents and societal views_ responses, Mental Health, Access to Care, Self-Care Strategies, Resources Needed, Older Persons, Perceived Politicization of Public Health Response, Parents or Guardians or Caregivers Functioning as Teachers, Challenges with Remote Schooling_Virtual Learning for Children, Health Behaviors, Relationships, Noteworthy Quotes for Report or Presentation, Childcare Arrangements, Negative Mental Health Outcomes, Frustrations with Lack of Adherence, Financial_Economic (In)stability, Those Left out of Virus Response, Lack of Financial Means to Support Basic Needs, Low Income Individuals, Low Income Communities, Physical Environment, COVID-19 Pandemic, Burlington Co. (N.J.), New Jersey



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