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    A history of the Division of Local Government, 1917-1967 by George C. Skillman.
    (Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs, Division of Local Finance, 1968) Skillman, George C.
    From page 12: DEFAULTS The matters leading up to defaults have been discussed in a previous section of this~ report, however, the number of defaults were not mentioned. The records indicate that there were.something over a hundred defaults in existence January 1, 1935. This number was reduced to less than twenty by April 1st, 1940. . The record indicates that counties and municipalities took prompt and constructive steps to correct the default situation; and the Division record indicates that the last recorded default was cleared off record with the refunding of the indebtedness of the City of Brigantine in 1947, with the approval and consent of the Municipal Finance Commission. Incidentally there were no defaults in delayed payments of debt during or following the "Disaster" period mentioned in a previous section.
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    County-municipal cooperation.
    ([Trenton, N.J. :New Jersey State Legislature, Office of Legislative Services,2006], 1994) New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Local Government Services.