A Guide to Wetland Types in New Jersey with Ecoregional Floristic Quality Assessment Metrics (v1.3)


This is a report on the wetland types in New Jersey that focuses on four of New Jersey’s major wetland ecosystems - Floodplain and Swamp Forest; Bog & Fen; Freshwater Marsh, Wet Meadow & Shrub Swamp; and Salt Marsh. Within these major ecosystems, wetland types are based on the U.S. National Vegetation Classification (USNVC) hierarchy ecological Group, a mid-scale regional wetland type with distinct hydrologic and floristic composition, important for identification and mapping, as well as for mitigation and restoration efforts. References to finer detailed floristic Alliances and Associations are included within each Group description. Ecoregional Floristic Quality Assessment (eFQA) metrics and condition thresholds (Excellent-Good-Fair-Poor) are presented by Group for use in monitoring and assessment of wetland sites. A key to wetland types and fact sheets for 30 wetland Groups are included to provide information on wetland classification (Group, Alliance, Association), type description (vegetation, soils, hydrology), plant species list by strata with Coefficient of Conservatism (CoC) values, eFQA metric rating thresholds Excellent-Good-Fair-Poor, ecoregion distribution map, and references. The report includes an introduction to the USNVC classification system, FQA and eFQA concepts, a key to USNVC Wetland Groups in New Jersey, and the 30 Wetland Fact Sheets.


Original version published in October 2022. "Version 1.3" of document was published in January 2023 with minor corrections.


New Jersey, Floristic quality assessment, Wetlands - New Jersey