Removal of Mercury Switches from Surplus New Jersey State Motor Vehicles: Research Project Summary



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Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Science, Research and Technology


This project assessed two potential ways to maximize the removal of mercury-containing switches from vehicles owned and operated by the State of New Jersey. Considered were 1) replacement of mercury switches with non-mercury switches while vehicles were in service, and 2) removing these switches at the time the vehicles are retired from State service. It was determined that option 2) was more feasible. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Treasury entered into a Memorandum of Understanding whereby Department of Treasury agreed to remove switches which would be picked up periodically by DEP and sent to be recycled. As of October, 2006, nearly 600 switches had been removed, representing approximately 1.5 pounds of mercury.



New Jersey, Mercury switches