Enhancing Northeast Wetland Monitoring & Assessment with Ecoregional FQA Metrics



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Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Natural Lands Management


Many wetland programs in the northeastern region of the U.S. have as their goal to develop and improve wetland monitoring and assessment methods. A consistent set of tools applicable across the region would greatly facilitate a common understanding of the current condition of wetlands. One of the more common methods is that of Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA). Here we focus on improving the use of two FQA metrics - Mean C and Cover-weighted Mean C metrics for assessing condition of northeast wetlands. Our goal was to provide for a set of metric thresholds (benchmark) ratings of excellent, good, fair, and poor conditions for each major wetland type We piloted our study in New Jersey, then expanded to a nine-state region from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and the six New England states.



Wetland management - Northeastern States, Floristic quality assessment - Northeastern States