Urban Community Air Toxics Monitoring Project, Paterson City, NJ



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Trenton, N.J. : Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Science


The overall objectives of the Urban Community Air Toxics Monitoring Project, Paterson City, NJ, (UCAMPP) was to provide information and develop tools and methods so that the NJDEP and communities can better address exposure and risk issues related to air toxics through the characterization of local air associated with different land use patterns in a highly industrialized urban community. Three air monitoring stations were set up on the rooftops of three buildings in Paterson, with the aim of capturing industrial, commercial and mobile source-dominated emissions over the course of one year. The background monitoring site was located ~45 km WSW of Paterson in Chester, NJ. UCAMPP's specific aims were to 1) characterize the spatial resolution of local air toxics; 2) determine concentration gradients; 3) identify source signatures from various land uses; 4) evaluate modeling results using monitoring data; 5) field test new sampling and analytical techniques for air toxics that are currently difficult to quantify; 6) characterize the concerns of an Environmental Justice (EJ) type community; 7) identify risk reduction strategies, and 8) implement feasible strategies. This study will serve as a pilot project and provide valuable information that can be applied to other communities around the state and the nation.



Air pollution - Measurement, Environmental monitoring, New Jersey - Patterson City