A Radiocarbon Foundation for Archaeological Research in the Upper Delaware Valley : New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York



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Trenton, N.J. : New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Historic Preservation Office


This report represents the most recent and most extensive compilation of radiocarbon dates associated with archaeological sites of the Upper Delaware River Basin and nearby areas. This compilation and associated commentary is part of an alternative mitigation project supported by the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office. The overarching goal of the mitigation is to craft reports and essays that update and synthesize aspects of the archaeological record of Pre-Contact and Contact Native American life in the Upper Delaware Valley, and the degree to which these lifeways mirror trends in the broader region. These documents will provide contexts and highlight research issues to aid future academic and cultural resource investigations that involve this portion of the greater Delaware Valley.


Prepared for the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office, Trenton, New Jersey.


New Jersey, Radiocarbon dating, Indians of North America - Upper Delaware Valley - Antiquities