Survey of Surface Source Waters for Giardia And Cryptosporidium and Water Treatment Efficiency Evaluation: Research Project Summary



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Trenton, N.J. : Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Science and Research


Giardia and Cryptosporidium (shortened to "Crypto") parasites are among the leading identified causes of waterborne disease in the United States. Giardia cysts and Crypto oocysts have been identified in many surface waters throughout the country, but the concentrations in most of New Jersey's (NJ) surface waters, many of which are used as source waters for drinking water treatment plants, are unknown. To provide safe drinking water, treatment plants need to remove Giardia and Crypto from untreated water or reduce their concentrations to safe levels. Peak parasite levels, together with adverse water treatment factors, such as low water temperature, determine the maximum risk of human infection. However, parasite testing is not required by law and is not routinely performed by water treatment plants or regulatory personnel because the methods available are difficult, expensive, time-consuming, and have other drawbacks.



New Jersey, Water treatment - Giardia, Water treatment - Cryptosporidium