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The Department has responsibilities for the safety, security, and quality of life of the people of New Jersey. It represents the public's rights and interests in all legal matters. The Department is comprised of the Office of the Attorney General and several divisions: Homeland Security and Preparedness, New Jersey State Police, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Civil Rights, Consumer Affairs, Criminal Justice, Gaming Enforcement, Highway Traffic Safety, Law, Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, Victims of Crime Compensation, and State Athletic Commissioner. The Department is also affiliated with several independent agencies, including the State Ethics Commission, Human Relations Council, Juvenile Justice Commission, and the New Jersey S.P.C.A.

The Department was one of the thirteen departments established under the New Jersey Constitution of 1947. This establishment consolidated several previously independent departments, including Law, the State Police, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Motor Vehicles, Weights and Measures, and several professional boards, which were further consolidated under the Division of Professional Boards.

Authorizing law(s) and reorganization plans: Chapter 439 of the Laws of 1948; Chapter 284 of the Laws of 1995.

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