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The Commission traces its origin to 1906, when the Department of Motor Vehicle Registration and Regulation was established in connection with the Department of State. The Department become an independent entity in 1926 and remained so until 1948, when it was reorganized into the Division of Motor Vehicles within the Department of Law and Public Safety. The Division was moved under the Department of Transportation in 1995. In 2003, The Division was abolished and replaced with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, an entity in but not of the Department of Transportation.

The mission of the MVC is to promote motor vehicle safety for our citizens by delivering secure, effective and professional motor vehicle services, and to achieve public trust and confidence in the quality and integrity of those services.

Authorizing law(s) and reorganization plans: Chapter 113 of the Laws of 1906; Chapter 147 of the Laws of 1926; Chapter 439 of the Laws of 1948; Reorganization Plan 002-1995; Chapter 14 of the Laws of 2003


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