Energy, Department of (1977-1988)

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Energy, Department of (1977-1988)


No longer active - The Department was created in 1977 in response to the oil, gasoline and natural gas shortages. With its creation, the Department of Public Utilities was abolished and almost all functions and authorities were transferred to the new department. The former Board of Public Utility Commissioners became the Board of Public Utilities at this time.

The Department oversaw the regulation of public utilities, including garbage collection. It was responsible for monitoring energy prices, designing and enforcing energy conservation programs, and developing master plans for the production, use, and conservation of energy resources. It was abolished in 1988 when its responsibilities were transferred to the Department of Commerce and Economic Development, which was renamed Commerce, Energy, and Economic Development.

Authorizing law(s) and reorganization plans: Chapter 146 of the Laws of 1977; Chapter 365 of the Laws of 1987

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