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Election Law Enforcement


Established in 1973, ELEC monitors the campaign financing of all elections in the State. Whether the election is for Governor or Mayor, member of the Legislature or a City Council, candidates and campaign organizations are required to file with the Commission contribution and expenditure reports. The Commission also administers the law requiring candidates for the Governorship and Legislature to make public their personal finances prior to election-day. Moreover, ELEC administers those sections of the law, which establish a filing obligation on the part of lobbyists and their clients. In addition, the Commission is responsible for administering partial public financing of gubernatorial primary and general elections, for rule making, and, as part of its regulatory duties, for holding public hearings. Finally, ELEC exercises its enforcement authority, insuring the integrity of the financial aspects of the State’s electoral process. A major part of New Jersey’s system of elections, the Election Law Enforcement Commission has upheld a tradition of fair, but energetic, administration of the State’s financial disclosure laws.

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