Reorganization Plans 001-2005 through 007-2005



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Trenton, N.J.: State of New Jersey



Taken from the Acts of the... Legislature of the State of New Jersey


Motor Vehicle Safety Education Program - New Jersey, Motor Vehicle Commission - New Jersey, Department of Health and Senior Services - New Jersey, Department of Community Affairs - New Jersey, Residential home care facilities - New Jersey, License system - New Jersey, Public Health Council - New Jersey, Department of Treasury - New Jersey, Department of Banking and Insurance - New Jersey, Office of Managed Care - New Jersey, Department of Human Services - New Jersey, Division of Youth and Family Services - New Jersey, Division of Developmental Disabilities - New Jersey, Division of Mental Health Services - New Jersey, Office of Program Integrity and Accountability - New Jersey, Institutional Abuse Investigations Unit - Office of Children Services - Department of Human Services - New Jersey, Law - New Jersey, Reorganization plans - New Jersey, Executive departments - New Jersey