Shongum Lake Clubhouse

dc.creatorBeards, Daniel E.
dc.descriptionShongum Lake became a recreation area in 1879 when �a number of prominent gentlemen of piscatorial proclivities� formed The Shongum Club. The lake was regularly stocked with fish and was noted for its abundance of bass, perch, pickerel, and bluegills. The club, using the present SLPOA clubhouse, became a gathering place for prominent politicians, who signed their names in the club register, which is now the property of the Morristown / Morris Township Public Library. This guest register was quite impressive, containing the names of many very wealthy men and prominent politicians. There were congressmen, senators, educators including the president of Rutgers University and even presidents of the USA who visited Shongum.
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dc.subjectShongum Lake Clubhouse
dc.subjectShongum Lake Property Owners Association
dc.subjectShongum Lake
dc.subjectAutumn in Randolph Township
dc.subjectAutumn in New Jersey Autumn
dc.subjectThe Colors of Autumn
dc.subjectAutumn in New Jersey
dc.subjectAutumn in THe Skylands
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dc.titleShongum Lake Clubhouse


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