East Pyne Hall

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dc.descriptionBuilt in the late 1800s, these two buildings by architect William Appleton Potter have served generations of Princeton students. The connecting structures made up the University Library until Firestone Library was built in 1948. Chancellor Green then served as a student center, while East Pyne Hall became an administrative center. Today, Chancellor Green contains a cafe and seminar rooms, as well as a beautiful octagonal rotunda featuring stained glass windows and a large dome. East Pyne houses many language and humanities department offices and classrooms, and includes a courtyard and many sculptural details on its brownstone exterior. Group:
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dc.subjectEast Pyne Building
dc.subjectTudor Gothic
dc.subjectCollegiate Gothic Architecture
dc.subjectGothic Architecture
dc.subjectCampus of Princeton University
dc.subjectPrinceton University
dc.subjectIvy League
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dc.subjectThe Delaware Region
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dc.subjectThe Garden State
dc.titleEast Pyne Hall


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