The Ivy Club at Princeton

dc.creatorBeards, Daniel E.
dc.descriptionFounded in 1879 The Ivy Club is the oldest eating club at Princeton University, and it is "still considered the most prestigious" by its members. Some of it members included: - James A. Baker III Chief of Staff for Ronald Reagan; Secretary of Treasury - Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. president of the National League - Bill Ford Ford Motor Company - Arthur Krock four-time Pulitzer Prize�winning journalist - Richard King Mellon financier, banker, and philanthropist - Laurance Rockefeller - Saud bin Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister - Arthur Hawley Scribner president of publisher Charles Scribner's Sons - Booth Tarkington Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and - President Woodrow Wilson
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dc.subjectThe Ivy Club at Princeton
dc.subjectThe Ivy Club
dc.subjectPrinceton Eating Club
dc.subjectPrivate Club at Princeton University
dc.subjectCampus of Princeton University
dc.subjectPrinceton University
dc.subjectIvy League
dc.subjectMercer County
dc.subjectThe Delaware Region
dc.subjectNew Jersey
dc.subjectThe Garden State
dc.subjectU.S. Historic district Contributing property
dc.titleThe Ivy Club at Princeton


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