An Act to regulate the election of members of the Legislative Council and General Assembly, Sheriffs and Coroners, in the Counties of Bergen, Monmouth, Burlington, Gloucester, Salem, Hunterdon and Sussex



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Trenton, N.J.: Printed by Isaac Collins



From Acts of the Twelfth General Assembly of the State of New Jersey.
11. And be it further Enacted, That all free inhabitants of this State of full Age, and who are worth Fifty Pounds Proclamation Money clear Estate in the same , and have resided within the County in which they claim a Vote, for twelve Months immediately preceding the Election, shall be entitled to vote for all public Officers which shall be elected by Virtue of this Act; and no Person shall be entitled to vote in any other Township or Precinct, than that in which he or she doth actually reside at the Time of the Election ; and no Person who shall be convicted of Treason against this State or the United States, or any of them, shall be entitled to vote at any such Election.


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