An Act to regulate the election of the members of the legislative council and the general assembly, sheriffs and coroners, in this State



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New Brunswick, N.J.: Abraham Blauvelt



From Laws of the State of New Jersey
IX. AND BE IT ENACTED, That every voter shall openly, and in full view deliver his or her ballot (which shall be a single written ticket, containing the names of the person or persons for whom he or she votes) to the said judge·; or either of the inspectors, who, on receipt thereof, shall, with an audible voice; pronounce the name of such voter, and if no objection is made to the voter, put the ballot immediately into the election box, and the clerk of the election shall thereupon take down the name of such voter in a book or poll list, to be provided for the purpose ; and if an adjournment of the poll shall take place during the election, the aperture in the top of the box shall be secured by the bolt aforesaid, and the names on the poll list shall be counted, and the number put down in writing, and the said list locked in the box, and the keys kept separate by two of the persons hereby appointed to conduct the election.
This act reaffirmed the right of women to vote and uses he/she language.


Women - Suffrage - New Jersey