Some of the Houses of Worship in Greenville Section of Jersey City

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dc.descriptionOur Lady of Victories is located on the corner of Age Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard. Sacred Heart's entrance fa�ade is surmounted by a magnificent rose window. Sacred Heart boasts a majestic high nave lined with towering double and triple lancet windows and an extraordinary collection of stained glass windows, including a remarkable two-story high group designed by master artist Harry Wright Goodhue. St. Paul's the Apostle has one of the tallest church towers in all of New Jersey, the bright red and green steeple is the signature feature of the Gothic Revival style church located on Greenville Avenue and Old Bergen Road. Built in 1888 on what is the highest point in southern Greenville, 98 feet above sea level, the edifice resembles a medieval cathedral surrounded by the surrounding streets and homes. Our Lady of Sorrows was founded in 1914. This church was dedicated in 1935. Erected in modern Romanesque style with a seating capacity of 600. people. This church was the church where Frank and Nancy Sinatra were married. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church was designed in the Neo-Gothic style. It was built in 1899, and its corner location was intended as a visual anchor for the ethnic community in Greenville. The church�s fa�ade, which was refinished in red stucco in the 1960s, has four elongated pier buttresses that accent its three sections. At the south and north corners are pier �angle� buttresses capped with smooth stone. The copper clad steeple sits atop the church tower at the right corner of the building.
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dc.subjectGreenville Churches
dc.subjectOur Lady of Victories
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dc.subjectOur Lady of Sorrows
dc.subjectZion Evangelical Lutheran Church
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dc.titleSome of the Houses of Worship in Greenville Section of Jersey City


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