Interior of Drumthwacket

dc.creatorBeards, Daniel E.
dc.descriptionLocated at the end of the west wing, the study is a small, horseshoe- shaped room. The door leading from the library to the study can only be locked or unlocked from inside the study to ensure Mr. Pyne�s privacy when he was reading or writing important papers. Directly opposite the room�s stone fireplace is a beautiful semi-circular bowed window. The study looks out on the Princeton Battlefield where, on January 3, 1777, George Washington won an important battle against the British during the American Revolution. The library was completed in 1905 and looked very much like it does today. Looking around the dining room, you will notice signs that this large room was once two rooms. When Governor Olden built Drumthwacket in 1835, the front portion of the room was the formal parlor (a sitting room in a private house); the back was his library.
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dc.subjectGovernor's Official Residence
dc.subjectNew Jersey Executive Mansion
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dc.subjectBattle of Princeton
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dc.subjectThe American Revolution
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dc.subjectBorough of Princeton
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dc.titleInterior of Drumthwacket


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