Comptroller of the Treasury (1875-2007)

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Comptroller of the Treasury (1875-2007)


The Comptroller of the Treasury was created in 1875. Prior to this time, the functions of the Office were the responsibility of a commission consisting of the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of State. The Comptroller of the Treasury remained an independent office until the reorganization of State government under the 1948 Constitution. This reorganization placed the Office within the Department of Treasury, Division of Budget and Accounting, and gave the role of State Comptroller to the Director of that Division. The Office was later placed under the newly created Office of Management and Budget, which oversaw the Division of Budget and Accounting. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget began serving as the Comptroller. The Comptroller once again became an independent office, in but not of, the Department of the Treasury, in 2007. Authorizing legislation: Laws of 1865, Chapter 212; Laws of 1948, Chapter 92; Laws of 2007, Chapter 52.

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