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Banking, Division of


The Division of Banking consists of two major units - the Office of Consumer Finance and the Office of Depositories. The Office of Consumer Finance provides consumer protections through the regulation of 16 types of businesses that provide a variety of consumer financial services. Included in the Office's supervisory responsibilities are the investigation of complaints, on-site examinations, the monitoring of net worth and surety bonding requirements through annual report filings, and the initiation of enforcement actions as may be required. In addition, the Office supervises state-chartered credit unions through on-site examinations and report filings to ensure safety and soundness, as well as compliance with applicable state and federal laws. The Office of Depositories processes and reviews applications by depository institutions for new charters, branches, relocations, plans of acquisition, mergers, bulk sales, stock conversions and auxiliary offices. In addition, the Office is responsible for the examination of state-chartered commercial banks, savings banks and savings and loan institutions and for enforcement actions involving these depositories.

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